Petition the G20 for Women’s Economic Equality!

I’m submitting this to a bunch of different social justice/feminist tumblrs in hopes that I can help this take off. Please read, sign, and reblog!

An organization called Vital Voices, affiliated with NYU’s Florence campus, has launched the Third Billion campaign: a petition that will be sent to the G20 to convince them to help protect and promote women’s economic security around the world.

As you may know,women make up 50% of the world’s population, and own 25-33% of all private business, but they receive less than 1% of the job opportunities offered by corporations and governments. In many countries, women aren’t allowed to own businesses or even drive cars, and when you ignore the economic potential of 50% of the population, it hurts us all. The G20 has the power to help protect and promote these opportunities for all women.

And it’s easy to help out! Click here, take a moment to watch the video if you’d like, but be sure to sign your email and name on the form. All it takes is 30 seconds, and together we can let the G20 know that women are an important section of the economy, too!

The 3rd Billion Campaign (in coalition with Villa La Pietra in Florence, Italy)